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OS2datascanner is a GDPR scanner that provides effective and reliable protection against security breaches and ensures GDPR compliance for your business. OS2datascanner is an advanced

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Arkivering med værktøjet Database Preservation Toolkit


Magenta tilbyder billigere arkivering takket være udviklingen af open source værktøjet Data Preservation Toolkit.

Når dit it-system skal afleveres til offentligt arkiv, skal det omdannes fra

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Leverandør af CMS - Drupal, Django & Alfresco | open source


Magenta is a leading provider of open source CMS – Django. We specialize in a range of CMS systems spanning multiple technologies, with a focus

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As the person responsible for citizens’ data security and public computers, you now have an effective tool for protecting the citizens – OS2borgerPC In collaboration

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Framework Architecture

Automation of processes and workflows is ensured by the reuse and exchange of data between IT systems. The framework architecture is the overarching method that

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Information security

A number of Magenta’s products are designed specifically for the processing of personal data, which places high demands on information security. That is why we

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OS2cprbroker is an open source software that functions as a CPR warehouse in the organization’s IT-infrastructure, and offers access to data in real time. All

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Rest-integration Magenta


REpresentational State Transfer (REST) is an architectural style used for developing web services and representing resources (data) with web services. Magenta works within the common

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Frameworks architecture

Implementation of Framework

The Framework Architecture introduces standards, open interfaces and a loosely coupled IT architecture. This is a prerequisite for eliminating dependencies on specific vendors. Kick the

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