Our organization Magenta

Largest Danish IT provider with pure open source focus

We have been working with open source technologies since 1999.

We develop compliance solutions that help organizations structure data and that support information security. Our customers include public institutions such as municipalities and regions, but also a larger number of private customers.

  • Offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Nuuk with 45 employees
  • Delivers open source – and only open source
  • Supplier of SKI agreement 02.18 and 02.17 for the Danish Government and Danish municipalities.
Skandinaviens største Open Source IT-leverandør Magenta

Magenta is an Elite Supplier to The Public Sector in Denmark

We are once again certified as an elite supplier for the public sector in 2020. The elite suppliers are selected by Udbudsvagten based on the total amount each company has invoiced to the country’s public sector during the financial year.

We are proud of our fantastic collaboration with the public sector, and to be certified as an elite supplier.

Magenta er igen certificeret som eliteleverandør til det offentlige.

Implementation, advice and support

Deliverables from Magenta are always licensed under a OSI -approved open source license.

At Magenta, we have extensive experience working in open source communities.

We conduct needs and user analyses, and design and implement the right solution with the client.

At our developer days, which we hold 2-3 times a year, data protection and contingency plans are fixed points. They are also an integral part of the checklists we use at the beginning of a project.”

Anne Dorte Bach, DPO


Morten Kjærsgaard

We believe that the quality of our products is an important parameter to compete in the highly competitive municipal market, and we know that our reputation is a crucial asset. And then we only charge for our services – not for user licenses or forced updates. This builds trust, provides a better customer experience, and we have learned that it also brings loyal customers. “

Morten Kjærsgaard

CEO, Magenta

Magenta has created an archive of tutorials and articles on useful open source tools that our developers use in everyday life or have tested for more specific customer solutions.

The first tutorial is about performance testing with the open source tool JMeter. The material was created by Andreas Kring, who presented JMeter at one of Magenta’s developer days. The material is divided into 3 exercises that deal with many of the basic configuration options for JMeter.