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Magenta is a danish software company with offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen and Nuuk. Send us an email at if you are interested in hearing more.

Bank and corporate details

CVR: 25 05 29 43
Lawyer and accountant: ADVOSION
Bank: Sparekassen Thy

Reg.- and accountno.: 9111-0002416522
BIC/Swift-code: STHYDK21
IBAN-number: DK5091110002416522



Our products



Efficient GDPR data scanning solution

OSdatascanner is a cutting-edge data scanning solution. The system provides efficient and reliable protection, and ensures both GDPR compliance and high-level data quality in your organisation.

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OS GIR - Global Identity Repository


Complete organizational tool

OS GIR (Open Source Global Identity Repository) is an effective organizational web application that keeps track of departments and the employees within. OS GIR boosts your GDPR compliance and contributes to safety standards, such as ISO 27001.

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Protect your citizens on public computers

OS2borgerPC is an effective web-based application that can be connected to every common printing solution for protection of public computers against keyloggers and data theft.

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