Magenta is Scandinavia's largest open source IT provider. We optimize your business case with open source IT solutions.

Skandinaviens største Open Source IT-leverandør Magenta


We primarily supply a variety of open source software, IT solutions and integration work to the public sector in Denmark, Greenland and Scandinavia.

Our product portfolio includes OS GIROS2datascanner and components developed for the Danish municipal Framework Architecture and for the IT environments of the Danish regions.

Our Solutions

At Magenta, you get help solving your challenges and tasks. When you link our solutions together, profit realization increases and you get the opportunity to implement deeply.

Magenta is an Elite Supplier to The Public Sector in Denmark

We are once again certified as an elite supplier for the public sector in 2020. The elite suppliers are selected by Udbudsvagten based on the total amount each company has invoiced to the country’s public sector during the financial year.

We are proud of our fantastic collaboration with the public sector, and to be certified as an elite supplier.

Magenta er for igen certificeret som eliteleverandør til det offentlige.