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Open source software-development since 1999

At Magenta, we are specialists in developing open source software and integrations, primarily to the public sector in Denmark, Greenland and the other Nordic countries. A tailored software solution provides the best results: Better control of your data, automation of your processes, reduction in costs and much more.

Among our solutions, we deliver OS GIR, an effective organizational tool that keeps track of employees and units in your organization and OS2datascanner, an advanced scanningtool that ensures GDPR compliance and high data-quality in your entire organization.

See our product portfolio:

OS GIR - Global Identity Repository

OS GIR (Global Identity Repository)

OS GIR helps you organize your employees and units and to map them via KOMBIT’s supporting systems. Based on the OIO standard, OS GIR ensures consistent and high quality data. This results in less work and gives employees time to focus on higher value tasks. OS GIR is an open source solution and part of a movement to break up monopolies. Why choose OS GIR? Manages information about employees and organisation Automatically shares information with other IT systems within the organisation. Authoritative data downloaded from public, shared sources, with consistent high quality data. Part of “Den fælleskommunale Rammearkitektur” with OIO-standardized data A joint project OS GIR is being developed in collaboration with numerous municipalities. It is an OS2 product that ensures participation, financial support, management

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As the person responsible for citizens’ data security and public computers, you now have an effective tool for protecting the citizens – OS2borgerPC In collaboration with Aarhus Municipality among others, we have developed OS2borgerPC – a remote management system for publicly available computers that protect the citizens against data theft and keylogging. Why choose OS2borgerPC? The solution is a web-based application that can be connected to every common printing solution. OS2borgerPC can be used as a clock in/out screen, for large screen solutions in e.g., public swimming pools and access roads, and as information screens at citizen services and libraries, among others. “The system is easy to use, especially when you have a lot of computers that need to be controlled. It works really well

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OS2cprbroker is an open source software that functions as a CPR warehouse in the organization’s IT-infrastructure, and offers access to data in real time. All specialist systems and employees can access the warehouse through standardized web queries. Why Choose OS2cprbroker? Magenta offers counseling in terms of planning and implementation of sustainable GDPR-compliant integration to CPR data sources.  OS2cprbroker and EU Personal Data Regulation (GDPR) EU’s Personal Data Regulation stipulates requirements for traceability and erasability of personal data. OS2cprbroker helps to keep track of who has access to CPR data, for what purpose data is used, and ensures that all unnecessary data is erased from the system. OS2cprbroker Guarantees: OS2cprbroker Enables Phasing Out of DPR DPR Emulation is an extension in OS2cprbroker which allows one to

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OS2datascanner is a GDPR scanner that provides effective and reliable protection against security breaches and ensures GDPR compliance for your business. OS2datascanner is an advanced scanning tool that finds critical and personally identifiable information on websites, intranets, network drives and Exchange mail servers. Finds critical data OS2datascanner scans data to ensure that there is no personally identifiable information or other personally critical data, such as: But the possibilities do not stop here. With OS2datascanner, it is possible to create and combine search strings for your specific needs. You can write search strings yourself and combine them exactly the way you want, allowing users to customize scans Modular GDPR Scanner Software OS2datascanner consists of three modules, each serving its own purpose: Self-service solution and local installation

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Services and competencies – development of software and consultation

Magenta offers a wide range of services – everything from software development, operation and maintenance to support for IT systems, infrastructure and software.

We’re proud of our market-leading solutions and innovative approaches – we bring our customers ahead with the latest expertise and technology. Additionally, we provide consulting service, support and development on a variety of Linux distributions, Docker, Apache, MySQL and LibreOffice/OpenOffice.

Here are a few of the open source technologies in our repertoire of core competencies:

Frameworks architecture

Implementation of Framework

The Framework Architecture introduces standards, open interfaces and a loosely coupled IT architecture. This is a prerequisite for eliminating dependencies on specific vendors. Kick the monopoly out of the community with Magenta The Framework Architecture can make various processes and workflows redundant or automated by reusing data between systems. Magenta has implemented Framework Architecture (Local Framework Architecture or LoRa), which is used in several communities for different purposes. Why choose Framework Architecture? Components of the Local Framework Architecture

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Rest-integration Magenta


REpresentational State Transfer (REST) is an architectural style used for developing web services and representing resources (data) with web services. Magenta works within the common public framework architecture with the use of web services for communication between IT systems. REST is based on the principles and architecture used on the Internet and recycles a few widely used standards and protocols from here. At Magenta we work within the framework of the common public guidelines for the use of web services and in particular REST web services in the IT public sector solutions. The purpose of the common web services guidelines is to create better interoperability between public sector solutions IT. Systems that are REST interoperable are also referred to as RESTful and are characterized by

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