REpresentational State Transfer (REST) is an architectural style used for developing web services and representing resources (data) with web services. Magenta works within the common public framework architecture with the use of web services for communication between IT systems.

REST is based on the principles and architecture used on the Internet and recycles a few widely used standards and protocols from here.

At Magenta we work within the framework of the common public guidelines for the use of web services and in particular REST web services in the IT public sector solutions. The purpose of the common web services guidelines is to create better interoperability between public sector solutions IT.

Systems that are REST interoperable are also referred to as RESTful and are characterized by being independent of the individual states of the system. This means that the server does not need to know anything about the client and vice versa.

REST integration in public IT systems is on the rise

The number of REST -based web services is growing. It is obvious that a lot of public data in Denmark, and to this extent also on a European and global level, can be advantageously presented using this method.

For people as well as for machines

Most people think that REST -based web services are aimed at humans and web-based applications, but REST is just as good for system communication. To facilitate the work of issuing public data using REST -based web services, the National IT and Telecom Agency (now Danish Digitization Agency) has produced a series of documents, some of which discuss the possibilities and perspectives, and some of which provide a set of guidelines to support the creation and use of REST -based web services.

REST is based on systems and features of the HTTP of the Internet, which means that it is easier to get started because no new framework or technology is needed to use REST. This is one of the reasons why REST is very popular and one of the most commonly used structures for web services.

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This is how we work at Magenta

At Magenta, we have developed a delivery model that ensures your project goes through the necessary steps to achieve the best possible end result. The model is based on best practices, twenty years of experience developing IT and focuses on quality.

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