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We have helped clients streamline workflows in case management systems, automate processes, and build resource management and booking solutions with systems built on the Django framework.

Optimize workflows and processes with Django and Python

Django is an open source framework for the high-level Python language that requires rapid development and clean and pragmatic design.

With high built-in security and scalability, you get a lot in the package when you use Django. The technology is well suited for projects with short deadlines where you want to see rapid progress.

Django has a strong focus on automation and uses the principle DRY, which stands for: Don’t Repeat Yourself.

At Magenta, we have a large group of experienced Django and Python developers and have used the framework to develop many custom-designed client systems – and larger projects to optimize workflows and processes.

We have good experience with adding dynamic user interfaces with vue.js for the ultimate user experience and integration with e.g. Outlook and SSO solutions (via SAML).

Django is used in many popular systems like Instagram and Pinterest, and Google has implemented Django in its Google App Engine as one of its frameworks.

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 How we work at Magenta

At Magenta, we have developed a delivery model that ensures your project goes through the necessary steps to achieve the best possible end result. The model is based on best practices, twenty years of experience with agile IT development and focuses on quality.


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