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OS2cprbroker is an open source software that functions as a CPR warehouse in the organization’s IT-infrastructure, and offers access to data in real time. All specialist systems and employees can access the warehouse through standardized web queries.

Why Choose OS2cprbroker?

  • Exhibit interfaces for lookup on CPR numbers and addresses within the organization.
  • Integrate a new external CPR data source via OS2cprbroker.
  • Add a subscription solution for free extraction of personal data.
  • Freely choose service provider(s).
  • Support the link between UUID and CPR numbers.
  • Encrypt communication between systems and OS2cprbroker
  • Integrate with IIS and Active Directory
  • Send notifications to systems, once a citizen has updated their data. 

Magenta offers counseling in terms of planning and implementation of sustainable GDPR-compliant integration to CPR data sources. 

OS2cprbroker and EU Personal Data Regulation (GDPR)

EU’s Personal Data Regulation stipulates requirements for traceability and erasability of personal data.

OS2cprbroker helps to keep track of who has access to CPR data, for what purpose data is used, and ensures that all unnecessary data is erased from the system.

OS2cprbroker Guarantees:

  • On-demand erasure of citizens from the database as well as a subscription to the external CPR data source.
  • Logging of all CPR lookups in one place

OS2cprbroker Enables Phasing Out of DPR

DPR Emulation is an extension in OS2cprbroker which allows one to look up a given citizen through the DPR Emulation Forwarding interface. The citizen is created in the OS2cprbroker database, and a subscription is created for the given citizen on the Service Platform, which will ensure updating data with event data from the Service Platform in both the OS2cproker and DPR Emulation database.

Integrations to OS2cprbroker:

  • Acadre
  • Send Digitalt
  • GetOrganized
  • NemSend
  • ComputopicSMS
  • SKS A.refusion
  • IIQ
  • Udbetaling Danmark Advis
  • SOF (Syddjurs Organisations og Forretnings Databrønd)
  • MassMail
  • DCROpenCaseManager
  • Kingo (uses DPR Emulation)
  • ØS Indsigt (uses DPR emulation)

OS2cprbroker Notifications

Through the use of notifications, there is to a much higher degree, possibilities to create appropriate integrations that do not violate GDPR.
If integrations are to comply with particular requirements in terms of the use of personal data, the notifications then offer opportunities in the future, to build GDPR-compliant integrations.

A GDPR-compliant integration is highly dependent on a given system’s behavior towards OS2cprbroker.

From operating experience we can unfortunately conclude that many choose not to make use of notifications, and instead create integrations in the form of batch-runs, which make queries to OS2cprbroker for each citizen in a given system. 
Business logic in systems at the same time also sets the stage for a GDPR-compliant integration. The approach of using notifications also entails, among other things, a significantly smaller daily growth of the application log.

Data Warehousing and BI

As a municipality there is opportunity to subscribe to municipality-codes and/or CPR numbers on the Service Platform.

Once event data is synced to OS2cprbroker, all events are automatically stored in the OS2cprbroker database. This provides an opportunity to generate historical demographics based on events that can be used to make managerial decisions.

In this context, Magenta also offers the BI-tool, Borger-udsynet, to visualize citizen events.


CPReader is a search engine which is closely integrated with OS2cprbroker, with the purpose of creating bulletins on CPR numbers, or search after persons out from a name and address, or both.

With CPReader you can:

  • Look up directly in OS2cprbroker as a system
  • Ensure user-level logging in OS2cprbroker of your lookups
  • Encrypt communication to and from OS2cprbroker

Magenta is behind the development of OS2cprbroker, read more about us and who we are here.

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