Information security

A number of Magenta’s products are designed specifically for the processing of personal data, which places high demands on information security. That is why we work at home and purposefully according to Privacy by Design principles. Magenta’s open source solutions in information security include OS2cprbroker, OS2datascanner and OS2borgerPC.


OS2cprbroker is developed by Magenta. OS2cprbroker acts as a local cache and ensures data integrity, security and fast updating with CPR data.

The customer retains control over the data consumption for the individual system and can handle the logging obligation for systems’ access to sensitive personal data.

Contact Morten Kjærsgaard at for more information about OS2cprbroker.


OS2datascanner is a service that quickly and efficiently scans websites, intranets, file and mail drives for unwanted data. OS2datascanner helps to ensure that the company does not store or display critical information that violates the EU directive Personal Data Regulation.

The scanner engine searches for personal data such as:

  • CPR numbers
  • Names
  • Searches – for example health terms, credit card numbers or email addresses.

OS2Datascanner scans all relevant file types on your website:

  • HTML (normal web pages) and PDF documents
  • Microsoft Office: documents, presentations and spreadsheets
  • LibreOffice: documents, presentations and spreadsheets
  • Scanned documents – OCR image files are interpreted

OS2datascanner was developed in cooperation with the OS2 community.

Contact project manager Frederik Denning at for more information about OS2Datascanner.


OS2borgerPC is a remote management system for public access to public computers. The solution is intended for public institutions that want to provide their citizens with public access to computers, programs and the Internet. OS2borgerPC is used especially in libraries, in citizen services and in nursing homes for residents and relatives.

OS2borgerPC can also be used advantageously for info screens, kiosks and stand PCs.

Benefits of OS2borgerPC

  • Central security management with security warnings in case of computer misuse, monitoring of software keyloggers, etc.
  • Web-based centralized management that allows, among other things, customization of the desktop layout, access to websites and updates
  • User activity is cleared upon logout
  • License-free and pre-installed software
  • Minimal system requirements

Magenta hosts and operates OS2borgerPC and also offers a service and support contract that includes a fixed monthly number of hours for support and minor development tasks.

Contact Morten Kjærsgaard at for more information.

 How we work at Magenta

At Magenta, we have developed a delivery model that ensures your project goes through the necessary steps to achieve the best possible end result. The model is based on best practices, twenty years of experience with agile IT development and focuses on quality.

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