Plone is an Open Source Content Management System (CMS) for websites.

Plone is a Content Management System (CMS). A CMS allows you to build and maintain a website without the use of special authoring programs. The system only requires a browser such as Internet Explorer. Plone is generally intuitive and easy to use. Once set up, after a quick tutorial or a little reading, you will be able to figure out how to maintain your website content.

Why choose Plone?

With Plone, it is possible to maintain your website content without any technical support or special authoring programs. All content is edited and launched directly from your browser.

Once Plone is set up, it requires minimal maintenance, giving you a high degree of ownership and control over your system. Basically, the system supports, among other things:

  • Editing tool, which reminds of Word in the user interface.
  • Image archive / gallery function
  • Message function
  • Automatic image scaling
  • Multilingual web pages
  • Calendar function
  • Affiliation of several authors / editors etc. with responsibility for the respective area
  • Protected areas that require a password

At Magenta, we are experts in the advancement of Plone. If your organization has a specific need, we can always find a way to make it happen. If you have a very specific need to be able to search in a complex database, users need to be able to fill out some forms that are specific to your organization or something else entirely, then we can read it based on Plone.

Products developed on the Plone platform

Dansk Sprognævn’s website contains a range of information, and in addition to the classic website content such as news, contact and web store, it must also contain, for example, entries in the spelling dictionary. All this is created directly in Plone.

Dansk Bibliotekscenter’s website is an example of a classic website where the organization must be able to manage a large number of content formats itself. The organization itself has provided the framework for the content and design of the site, and Magenta has implemented it in Plone.

What is Open Source?

Read more about Plone here

Plone is an open source CMS, which is a formal license type with a formal definition that is managed by a non-profit organization called the Open Source Initiative. Open Source is a term that, in short, means that the source code must be publicly available and that others may modify the source code.

The idea of open source is simple: if many programmers can read, modify, and share the source code of a piece of software, then the software evolves. In other words, the software is used in many contexts, it is improved, and bugs are corrected. This process can happen much faster than with commercial products, which usually come out with new versions at monthly or yearly intervals.

Other options

In addition to Plone, we at Magenta also work with the open source CMSs Drupal and Django. If you are unsure which solution is right for your business, contact us for a detailed discussion.

Read more about Plone here

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