Alfresco – open source ECM software for digital content

Alfresco is an Open Source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software for advanced digital content management.

Alfresco is one of the world’s leading ECM systems that guides customers through the digital transformation process in a simple and flexible way.

Magenta chose Alfresco as its focus because it is an enterprise CMS that provides strong competition to Sharepoint and other closed systems.

In the almost 10 years that Magenta has worked with Alfresco and delivering Alfresco to a wide range of customers, we have gained extensive experience and expertise with the Alfresco system.

Why choose Alfresco?

Alfresco is designed to organize and structure all types of content (documents, graphics, video, audio) in a flexible and manageable way.

Document editing

Alfresco integrates with several editing tools so that users can easily open and save documents in Alfresco with applications such as MS Office, Google Docs and mail clients.

In connection with a number of customer projects, Magenta has also developed integration with the online editing tools LibreOffice Online and OnlyOffice.

This means that you can edit documents directly in your web browser, regardless of the platform. So you do not have to rely on having a specific editing tool installed on your desktop.

It offers platform independence as well as licenses for third-party products (like MS Office). All you need is a device with a web browser and Internet access.

Security and permissions

Many documents, especially legal documents and documents containing personal information, are sensitive. Alfresco comes standard with advanced security and rights management. This means that when users log into Alfresco, they are only given access to the documents and areas they need to access.

Document and file management

Alfresco supports more than 200 different file types, including graphics, video and audio, and ensures that all documents and files loaded into the system are versioned.

Alfresco stores all versions so you can manage older versions and restore an older version of a document or file.

Metadata about documents and files is managed in Alfresco and can be easily extended. Alfresco integrates with the advanced search engine SOLR, which also provides advanced search in PDF documents based on metadata and content indexing.

Collaboration and workflow

Alfresco offers features that support collaboration and can streamline and automate business processes. At Magenta, we use the Flowable BPMN tool to implement business processes in Alfresco.

Scaling and high availability

Thanks to a flexible system architecture (cluster mechanism), the Alfresco system can scale to several hundred concurrent users and millions of documents – while maintaining good performance.

For business critical systems, high availability is also a keyword. With Alfresco’s cluster mechanism, you can also implement server failover to protect against unforeseen hardware crashes.

Alfresco Authentication and Federation

Alfresco is a flexible integration platform that provides a variety of integration protocols and interfaces used for authentication and federation.

With Alfresco Identity Service (which uses keykloak technology) authorization, authentication and federation can be implemented in a simple and consolidated way.

User interface

You can design and develop your own applications for the Alfresco system. This can be done using AngularJS and Material Design, for example. Magenta has delivered several applications based on the backend of Alfresco and a frontend developed in AngularJS (see OpenDesk and ODA).

In conjunction with the latest version of Alfresco, Alfresco has released a brand new application design and development tool. The tool is called Alfresco Development Framework (ADF) and consists of a large number of thoroughly tested base components that can be used to develop applications. Magenta has used this latest technology in the development of the OSFlow product.

Here you can read about some of the implementations we have done with Alfresco as the driving force:

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