OS2forms 2.1 With Flows

OS2forms is the tool that provides your organization with complete control over your digital self-service solutions. OS2forms frees you from dependencies on external vendors when creating new flows, and allows your organization to tailor solutions to fit perfectly with your cases.

With OS2forms your organization can automate processes such as building permits, internal HR processes, maternity applications, inquiries from citizens, etc. OS2forms automates the flow and assigns cases to the relevant caseworkers. Thereby, your organization will always have ownership of a flow and can easily see where in the procedure a flow is.

OS2forms already has a wide range of integrations e.g. with SBSYS and NEMid. The system is flexible and can expand with more integrations. Thereby, if you have a particular integration case, you can easily integrate it with Open Source. 

Getting started with OS2forms is easy and the costs are modest in comparison with other self-service solutions on the market. Below you can find an overview of the prices:

Setup & Installation: 25,000DKK


  • Installation of OS2forms
  • SAML log-in
  • NemLogin
  • Integration with the Service Platform

Training & Organizational Rollout

We recommend that an implementation consultant – in collaboration with your organization – tailors a unboarding flow so that the system is best anchored in the organization. Typically, this will include a tailored flow of approximately four weeks, where users are continuously trained until the system is firmly anchored with particular super-users within your organization. The price varies depending on the comprehensiveness. Contact us for further information.

If you just want a single workshop, training workshops can be ordered for 10,000DKK per day.

Operation & Support: 5000DKK per month


  • Ongoing maintenance and updating of application
  • Quality assurance in the CI/CD pipeline
  • Automatic security updates
  • Operation in Cloud environment or installment on premise
  • Unlimited support through telephone/e-mail

Surveillance in Grafana

Setup: 30,000DKK

Monthly payment: 500DKK

Product Benefits:

  • NemID-login. When CPR numbers return from NemID-login the data on the citizen will be gathered through The Service Platform.
  • NemLog-in.
  • Formular intelligence.
  • Export-Import.
  • Opportunities to share formulas in between municipalities through the eksport-import function.
  • SBSYS.XML-controlfile.
  • REST API – data can be transferred directly to e.g. a database with REST API for further processing of data.
  • Receipt to citizens through Digital Post.
  • Receipt to citizens via their entered email address.
  • Export of all replies via excel files.
  • Improved design opportunities via column formatting.
  • Field-level validation, ensuring that the correct data is entered into the system.
  • Analytical model providing statistics of the replies.
  • Division of the formula into several pages.
  • Save the draft function.

Well-Documented and Supported Solution to Digital Self-Service Solutions.

Find the official user manual for OS2forms here: os2forms.dk/os2forms-brugermanual

OS2forms is based on Drupal 8 and contains a wide range of improvements to user interface and makes use of several accessibility standards.

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