OS2bos (Grant & Welfare Management) is a digital grant and welfare management system that keeps track of paragraphs and measures, in a configurable rule engine and ensures that grants happen in accordance with The Service Act within the public sector.

The aim of the system is to provide the municipality with a steering tool to evaluate the impact of measures and regularly follow up on the budget. This provides a clearer economic overview of the social sector field.

Benefits of OS2bos:

  • Economic overview of cases and grants
  • Opportunity to include anticipated expenses
  • Rule engine that makes sure to keep track of paragraphs and measures
  • The ‘effort-ladder’ ensures that the citizen receives the right support
  • Data Collection to evaluate measures
  • Integrates with economic system and ESDH
  • Integrates with the service platform
  • Well-defined API for new integrations

Economic Overview and Forecasts

When a caseworker creates a grant and chooses a measure, price, and payment-interval, OS2bos immediately provides an economic overview – before the grant is approved.

Once the license is approved, the information is sent to the economic system or the payroll department, depending on whether the measure includes salary expenses and/or disbursements or an upcoming invoice payment. Additionally, the grant is journalized.

A grant generates a payment-plan with an individual ID. Moreover, each individual payment is highlighted, making it easier to match with a future invoice.

Caseworkers are able to anticipate the expenses on a case, providing an economic forecast on how a case is expected to develop. This could e.g. include the anticipated price change on already approved measures, or an expected expense (e.g. school-stay the next year) before the expense is concretized.

Anticipated expenses are categorized in its own field within the economic overview. They are solely used to create a budget forecast. Thereby, the anticipated expenses do not appear in the economic system nor the journal. They are only visible in OS2bos until they possibly are approved as a new or changed expense.

Rule-engine to Keep Track of Paragraphs

When a caseworker creates a grant in OS2bos, they will be presented with an overview of that license opportunities that are available on that concrete measure clause.

The license options come from rule-engines that define what paragraphs that can be used to license, as well as which activities/measures may be granted on the different paragraphs.

The rule engine is configurable, and the municipality can edit the content itself, e.g. add new measures or new paragraphs. In this way, the municipality can ensure that the correct sections in the Service Act are granted, and that the municipality’s internal rules for which activities can be granted on the individual sections are complied with.

OS2bos comes with a supplier-register (both internal and external suppliers can be included) which the municipality can fill out with its own data. The supplier-register can be connected to certain measures so that caseworkers are able to choose from the different suppliers that can deliver the desired service.

Assessment of Offers

Once a case is created in OS2bos, the child is categorized on the ‘effort-ladder’. This categorization, together with the target group (e.g. family department, handicap, etc.), determines what efforts that the caseworker can license based on a predefined configurable set of rules.

The categorization of the child on the effort ladder can be changed, as the child’s situation changes. This data is used to document the effect of the measures and helps the municipality to get an overview of what measures that are most effective.

A Collaborative Project

OS2bos is developed in collaboration with Ballerup Kommune. It is designed with the purpose of easing budgeting and budget follow-up, on the specialized social area.

The data structure is designed in order to be able to extract management information and it is possible to model different data extracts depending on needs.

Read more about the implementation of OS2bos in Ballerup Kommune

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Anne Dorte Bach

Anne Dorte Bach
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