OpenDesk is a platform for handling and managing projects which enables a clear organization of project work. This open source software provides a convenient workflow secure way to handle documents and collaborate.

Based on notifications, OpenDesk ensures a dynamic approach to the project work with processes and flows. In addition, OpenDesk integrates with ESDH, ensuring journaling of documents.

Why Choose OpenDesk?

  • Simple and efficient system for both experienced and inexperienced users
  • Intuitive user interface with responsive design
  • Platform-independent and web-based system
  • Parallel editing in personal web-based editor
  • Allows for external users to be invited
  • Greater and easier journaling in ESDH
  • 100% Open Source
  • Based on the open source edition of Alfresco ECM

Product Features:

  • Document handling
  • Web-based editing
  • Automatic version control
  • Journaling in ESDH
  • Management of rights
  • Document- and project templates
  • Review workflow
  • Notifications
  • Discussion forum

Video introduction

Read more about how OpenDesk optimized the workflows in Ballerup Kommune here

Read more about the open source edition of Alfresco ECM here

 How we work at Magenta

At Magenta, we have developed a delivery model that ensures your project goes through the necessary steps to achieve the best possible end result. The model is based on best practices, twenty years of experience with agile IT development and focuses on quality.

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Contact Person

Anne Dorte Bach

Anne Dorte Bach
Project Manager
+45 81 77 16 98
+45 22 46 47 36


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