OBVIUSTM – Web Portal for Inter-, Intra- and Extranet

In order to meet the increasing demands for user-friendliness while offering flexible and advanced options, we have developed OBVIUSTM – an open source content management system (CMS) for websites and external communication.

OBVIUSTM is a browser-based archiving, editing and publishing tool for the inter-, intra- and extranet. Among other things, this means that anyone with a PC with Internet access can work on the website – no matter where they are in the world.

OBVIUSTM contains the same basic functions found in word processing systems. The editorial user creates, edits, moves and deletes documents – and publishes the finished texts and images on the website according to the WYSIWYG principle – What You See Is What You Get.

One system – one overall view
The vast majority of information in companies and organizations is scattered – and often unstructured – in the form of brochures, newsletters, PowerPoints, text documents and typically a website, among other things.

With OBVIUSTM, the unstructured information can be collected and systematized in one system. In doing so, the employee can determine how the collected knowledge should be linked – and where it should be published.

All knowledge is collected in one place, so that a search of the entire knowledge base is possible. At the same time, the advanced search functions provide webmasters and employees with a powerful tool for linking knowledge in ever new ways.

Cross-cutting knowledge places demands on the organization of data. Tools include keywords, classification systems, and version control. Our experience shows that a thorough plan for the knowledge structure saves a lot of energy and a lot of time later on, for example when it comes to new subject classifications – or to the increasing demands for usability and new wishes regarding the existing knowledge.

Browser Independence
OBVIUSTM can be run in all newer browsers. Some content management systems are tied to a single browser, which requires a high degree of standardization within the organization or company.

Target Groups and Rights
When developing OBVIUSTM, we have primarily thought of companies and organizations that have a communication strategy and a division of tasks. Therefore, there are tools for the information officer, for the newsletter editor, for the untrained user – and for the website administrator.

Each member of staff becomes the ‘editor’ of their own area. Some staff can do quite a lot in many places on the site, while others are given only a few rights in carefully defined areas. It all depends on the division of responsibilities and tasks.

Documentation and manuals
The University of Copenhagen maintains updated OBVIUSTM documentation in a wiki. To avoid duplication of effort, we have decided to follow this development and collaboration with the University of Copenhagen on the manual and the various tools in the wiki that the University provides.

When we make new developments, there are usually significant additions to the handbook. All customers can use the handbook for free. This way everyone who works with the system can keep up to date with the developments in OBVIUSTM.

The documentation is supplied under the same open source license as the programs, which allows customers to adapt and modify the documentation to suit their own needs. This makes it possible to create customized manuals for individual employees in relation to individual tasks.

Trust and openness
OBVIUSTM‘s open source license means that our customers only pay for our time on the individual project, as well as the hours we spend on customer support and development.

Handing over full source code means that clients are only bound to us by the bond created by trust, and by our ability to stick to agreements and resolve any challenges that may arise.

OBVIUSTM in headlines
Operating system: GNU / Linux
Database: MySQL
Web server: Apache 1.3, mod_perl, Perl 5.6.1 +

Read more about OBVIUS in this case about our work with the University of Copenhagen

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Anne Dorte Bach

Anne Dorte Bach
Project Manager
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