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OS GIR (Global Identity Repository)

OS GIR helps you organize your employees and units and to map them via KOMBIT’s supporting systems. Based on the OIO standard, OS GIR ensures consistent and high quality data. This results in less work and gives employees time to focus on higher value tasks.

OS GIR is an open source solution and part of a movement to break up monopolies.

Why choose OS GIR?

  • Manages information about employees and organisation
  • Automatically shares information with other IT systems within the organisation.
  • Authoritative data downloaded from public, shared sources, with consistent high quality data.
  • Part of “Den fælleskommunale Rammearkitektur” with OIO-standardized data

A joint project

OS GIR is being developed in collaboration with numerous municipalities.

It is an OS2 product that ensures participation, financial support, management and maintenance by all parties involved. 

Freeing from monopoly and support systems

OS GIR is currently moving towards integration with supporting systems; classification and organisation. With the implementation of OS GIR, municipalities will be able to provide data to the supporting systems to support the release from monopoly.

Towards identity management

Identity management ensures that the right people have access to certain resources at certain times. OS GIR and OS2rollekatalog form the basis for this project.

Open Source – of course!

OS GIR is an open source solution that gives municipalities full ownership of the IT solutions they purchase.

Read more on OS GIR’s homepage.

OS GIR - Global Identity Repository
Contact Person

Alex engelsk

Alex Thirifays
Project Manager
+45 81 77 27 80

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