OS2loop is a knowledge sharing tool where everyone helps each other.

With OS2loop you can ask questions and receive answers. You can create documents directly in OS2loop so that they become modular, searchable and the ability to reuse them across document collections.

Wherever you are and whenever you need, you can access links and external sources such as e-learning, illustrations, and other material which may be available about the subject matter.

OS2loop helps you find the colleagues that need help, so that you can use your knowledge to help others. OS2loop is also a web service and can easily be accessed through your mobile device regardless of time, place, browser and the manufacturer of your device.

OS2loop is about sharing knowledge and helping each other across, for example, organizational boundaries, sector boundaries or time. Questions may be about how a professional system, such as an EHR system, ESDH system or a professional system in the social field is best utilized to support work processes in your municipality

What Demands can OS2loop Cover?

The professional knowledge and the daily experiences that shape best practice are found in the meeting with the citizen. 

When the need arises and you have a question for your daily work, it is easy to get assistance with OS2loop. OS2loop is a way to ask questions to others across the organization. When a need arises for relevant external sources or approved documents such as instructions, OS2loop can also accommodate it, and thus you have the opportunity to find everything about the topic in one place.

How does OS2loop Create Value for your Municipality?

OS2loop is very user-friendly and enables you to share and obtain knowledge about current issues. In case a question does not yet exist you can pose a question to all users at the same time. In that way, you can help each other across the organization and jointly become better and more knowledgeable.
In the newest version of OS2loop you can both create, edit, and make searchable tags in your documents. You can also set revision dates for your content and subsequently view lists of content to be revised on an ongoing basis. This makes it easy and flexible to keep your content and your colleagues updated.

Case: Health & Care, Aarhus Kommune

Aarhus Kommune Magistrate’s Department for Health and Care has more than 5,000 health employees. OS2loop makes it easy and fast for employees to use their mobile devices to take advantage of knowledge spread across the organization, regardless of organizational boundaries, or whether you just have a colleague on hand.

Animation movies displaying how Aarhus Kommune, Health & Care uses OS2loop for knowledge-sharing of the electronic care journal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1fu2QxjWGE 

More Information:

OS2loop is developed in Drupal by Aarhus Kommune. It is built so that separate OS2loop installments can be created, each with their own subject, configuration, and users.

Product Benefits:

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