OpenDesk is a platform for handling and managing projects which enables a clear organization of project work. This open source software provides a convenient workflow secure way to handle documents and collaborate.

Based on notifications, OpenDesk ensures a dynamic approach to the project work with processes and flows. In addition, OpenDesk integrates with ESDH, ensuring journaling of documents.

Why Choose OpenDesk?

  • Simple and efficient system for both experienced and inexperienced users
  • Intuitive user interface with responsive design
  • Platform-independent and web-based system
  • Parallel editing in personal web-based editor
  • Allows for external users to be invited
  • Greater and easier journaling in ESDH
  • 100% Open Source
  • Based on the open source edition of Alfresco ECM

Product Features:

  • Document handling
  • Web-based editing
  • Automatic version control
  • Journaling in ESDH
  • Management of rights
  • Document- and project templates
  • Review workflow
  • Notifications
  • Discussion forum

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