Observand Database – ODA

Control of sensitive personal information

Observand Database (ODA) is a leading example of compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation and ensures that no personal information is misused. ODA was developed by Magenta in collaboration with the Forensic Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic Region Midtjylland with the aim of having control over forensic psychiatric cases and statements. 

Focus on security

The newly introduced EU General Data Protection Regulation includes requirements for newer systems called “privacy by design”. Therefore, newer systems used to process and store personal data must be designed in such a way that no data can be mishandled. ODA contains a lot of personal data and has therefore been designed with the aim of handling data with care.

Secure access 

During the development of ODA, a lot of energy has been put into ensuring that access from the outside is secure. To gain access to the system, a person must be set up in the Region Midtjyllands IDM system BSK and then added to ODA by a local system administrator.

Everything is logged and registered 

For added security, all actions within the system are logged. This means that the organization is able to see which user has seen or changed certain data.

Restricted access to data

As the system contains a lot of sensitive information, it is important that the users, i.e. the employees, are also protected. This is achieved by restricting the data that is available to employees so that they only have access to the information that is absolutely necessary.

Secure and stable IT platform

The ODA system is based on Alfresco ECM.

Read more of Observand Databasen, ODA here.

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Observand Database ODA
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Anne Dorte Bach

Anne Dorte Bach
Project Manager
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