Magenta products - Open Source software

We provide a variety of open source software and integration work, primarily to the public sector in Denmark, Greenland and the other Nordic countries.

Included in our product portfolio are OpenDesk, OS2cprbroker, OS2datascanner and components developed for the Framework-architecture and the IT-environment of the public sector.

Observand Database ODA

Observand Database – ODA

Full control of sensitive data and information

The Observant Database system shows how to ensure compliance with GDPR and prevent the misuse of sensitive data and information.

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Magenta products - Open Source software​ 1


A platform for handling and managing projects

Focused on a structured organisation of project work, OpenDesk offers a simple and secure way to handle documents and collaboration.

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OS2borgerPC banner


As responsible for library’s safety and audience-PC’s, OS2borgerPC offers an efficient tool to protect citizens. We developed OS2borgerPC in collaboration with Aarhus Kommune. OS2borgerPC can

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Styr på børne- og ungeområdet med OS2BOS


OS2bos (Grant & Welfare Management) is a digital grant and welfare management system that keeps track of paragraphs and measures, in a configurable rule engine

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OS2cprbroker is an open source software that functions as a CPR warehouse in the organization’s IT-infrastructure, and offers access to data in real time. All

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OS2datascanner et er værktøj til GDPR-scanning i din organisation - Office 365 scanningSkandinaviens største Open Source IT-leverandør Magenta 1999


OS2datascanner is a GDPR scanner that provides effective and reliable protection against security breaches and ensures GDPR compliance for your business. OS2datascanner is an advanced

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Digital Communication & Dissemination OS2display is a flexible and user-friendly info-screen tool that eases the process of producing, publishing, and administrating content for the info-screens.

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OS2forms med Forløb - magenta open source leverandør

OS2forms 2.1 With Flows

OS2forms is the tool that provides your organization with complete control over your digital self-service solutions. OS2forms frees you from dependencies on external vendors when

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OS2loop is a knowledge sharing tool where everyone helps each other. With OS2loop you can ask questions and receive answers. You can create documents directly

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