Magenta now offers IT expertise on a consultancy basis

For 24 years, Magenta has been developing and operating software solutions for top-100 clients in Denmark and Greenland. This means that we have access to experienced IT specialists, both within our own organization and through our partners and the freelance network, both domestically and internationally.


Reasons for hiring IT specialists

Beyond the general challenge that companies and organizations face in attracting and retaining IT talent, it can be costly and time-consuming to find sufficiently experienced professionals who can quickly deliver results for critical IT tasks.

We provide you with the opportunity to leverage our expertise and network to find the competencies you require. You receive precisely the skills you need, when you need them, and for as long as necessary. Moreover, it is highly advantageous to engage experienced consultants who focus solely on working within the specific areas relevant to your needs.


Flexible commercial model and low risk

When you decide to engage a consultant, you pay on an hourly basis for the duration of their services. Consultants are expected to be productive from day one but will naturally undergo onboarding specific to the task.

For the initial 14 days, we ensure the alignment between your requirements and the selected consultant. If the match is not sufficient, you have the flexibility to terminate the agreement on a day-to-day basis and access an alternative consultant, or opt to discontinue the engagement.

After the initial 14 days, we typically require a 30-day notice period, allowing us time to find new assignments for the consultant.


Which IT competences do we offer?

Magenta is particularly renowned for our expertise in open source software and cloud-based solutions, but we can source most types of IT profiles, including project managers, support specialists, BI experts, and many others.


It does not cost anything to ask

We do not charge any fees for finding the relevant IT competencies for you, so you are welcome to inquire about consultant CVs, arrange a free meeting with the consultant, and, of course, get a calculated hourly rate.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Please feel free to contact our Head of Consulting, Jesper Lytton, to discuss your case.

IT consultants


Jesper Lytton

Jesper Lytton

Head of Consulting

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