User-centred casework at AffaldVarme Aarhus (AVA)

At AffaldVarme Aarhus (AVA), ‘user-centred casework’ is more than just a buzzword. In collaboration with Magenta, AVA has improved coherence and data exchange in administrative work.

Many specialist systems – one user interface

The solution uses the common public framework architecture and retrieves authoritative data from common public data sources. It ensures high data quality and good customer service. One of the major advantages of the IT solution is that data from multiple systems can be retrieved in one place.

Another important advantage is that AVA can take full responsibility for the solution. The principles of the Common Public Framework architecture and the fact that it is open source secure the solution for the future: new specialist systems can be connected as needed, and the more people are connected, the greater the gain.

High data quality provides good customer service

Integration agents tell AVA employees when there are changes in the business systems. When a customer changes address in KMD Easy Energy, in the common public data sources or places a new order, the integration agents intercept the changes and the local database is updated completely automatically. Therefore, the information in AVA’s user interface is always up to date and correct.

On the way from the subject systems and into AVA’s database, data is corrected and enriched with authoritative basic data such as CPR, CVR and address data.

A derived effect of the integration with common public data sources is thus also that AVA is made aware of ‘dirty’ data in its own subject systems. Against this background, it will be possible to perform data washing and create rules and procedures for the employees’ future work. ”An advantage is that the integrations between the systems are loosely coupled, which means that replacing one professional system does not necessarily affect other professional systems. It will undoubtedly do so with 1-1 integrations. ”

“Architecture opens up the possibility of putting the citizen at the center across silo-divided professional systems. It is obvious for municipalities with a broad portfolio of tasks to think in a framework architecture that shifts the bargaining power over to the customer. Partly due to easier possibility of replacing professional systems due to reduced technical debt, partly because all code is open source which you, or other suppliers, can build on. We do not invent our own deep dishes. ”

Thomas Vinther, product owner at AffaldVarme Aarhus

The benefits

  • user-centered case management and the ability to perform data laundering and create rules and procedures for employees’ future work
  • increased coherence and data sharing in the administrative work. Data from several systems can be consulted in one place
  • high data quality and good customer service. AVA’s user interface is always up to date and correct, and data is corrected and enriched with authoritative basic data such as CPR, CVR and address data.
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Brugercentreret sagsbehandling hos AffaldVarme Aarhus (AVA)
Contact Person

Alex Thirifays

Alex Thirifays
Project Manager