The Open Source CMS OBVIUS ™ is the web portal of the University of Copenhagen

The University of Copenhagen has one of Denmark’s largest web portals, with over 500 subsites and more than 2000 web editors affiliated as users – the solution is an open source CMS and developed from scratch by Magenta.

The portal is the university’s primary external communication channel, and contains everything from online recruitment of students and staff to research dissemination, conference sites, department websites and much more.


A large – and constantly increasing – number of editing users means that an open source system without user licenses became the deciding factor. The absence of user licenses gives the University of Copenhagen the opportunity to create new users without paying for new licenses.

In addition, it is important for the University of Copenhagen to have a system on which they can decide or carry out further development. With OBVIUS ™, the university has access to the source code and can therefore change the layout, among other things, without involving Magenta or other suppliers.

OBVIUS also includes tailor-made tools for managing a large web portal. This involves, for example, a link checker function that scans the site for dead links, and the ability to generate reports on pages and sites with so little activity that you can choose to close them.

Tailor-made CMS

The large web portal places demands on performance, handling of many users and not least the ability to handle the many subsites that must be able to function independently but also inherit graphic elements and user rights from the top level.

Obvius is an open source CMS developed by Magenta, and it is specially designed to be able to handle the requirements for large web portals. With Obvius CMS, the University of Copenhagen has the opportunity to decide exactly which functionalities they want for their web portal. The university has been using Obvius since 2005.


  • CMS system for large web portals for many dissemination purposes and communication channels
  • Open Source CMS system without user licenses ensures easy access to many web editors
  • Development of tailor-made tools for web governance
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Open source CMS OBVIUS™er Københavns Universitets webportal
Contact Person

Anne Dorte Bach - Django-projektleder, DPO, OS2bos, Bookit, UBS

Anne Dorte Bach
Project Manager