OS2bos – Solution for Grants to Children and Young People

OS2bos is developed in close collaboration with Ballerup Municipality with an aim of digitizing the proceedings of grants for children and young people.

Paperwork, e-mail communication and yearly budget overruns were all challenges in this particular social field. Ballerup Municipality therefore decided to go over the workflows, and digitalize the grant-field, with a completely new way to work

“The caseworkers have gained a benefit by being able to see what the cost is, on a yearly basis, for the grant they make. They are provided with a financial overview on their cases all together. This makes them aware of the price and quality, providing them with a better foundation to assess the services that they buyitalize the grant-field, with a completely new way to work”

Lone Junge Marcussen, Leader of the Center for Children and Young People in Ballerup Kommune.

The result is OS2bos, a digital grant- and management system which, through a configurable rule engine, keeps track of paragraphs and measures, ensuring that grants are given in accordance with The Service Act.

Moreover, OS2bos provides the caseworkers with economic insight into the measures that they grant. Previously, a caseworker would grant measures, without knowing the costs. Instead, they are now immediately provided with an overview of the costs before they are approved. This includes both individual expenses and expenses collected on an annual basis for the individual citizen.

Brief Definition of OS2bos

BOS (Grant and Management) is the name of the new IT system that has been launched in Ballerup Municipality’s Center for Children and Youth Counseling in the specialized social field (C-BUR). A field that is difficult to digitally support and challenging to economically manage. OS2bos is open source and developed in OS2-regi.

OS2bos allows for the caseworker to enter the foreseen expenses that are not yet approved, providing insight to the economic forecast on how a case is expected to develop over e.g. the next year. These foreseen expenses are based on the caseworker’s experience and knowledge on the particular case. This function provides the municipality with better opportunities to create budget adjustments during the year.

“We have built a ‘rule-engine’ in the form of a classification. The IT-solution is not aware of the jurisdiction, but will do what it is told in accordance with the classification. In other words, rules are not coded into the system. Instead, a user interface is built where we can adjust the ‘rule-engine’. Thereby we avoid having to ask another supplier for help, whenever the jurisdiction changes. At the same time, we are able to expand the number of classifications, so that the system is usable in other case areas, with similar grant-systems”
Jens Kjellerup, digitalization chief in Ballerup Kommune

The purpose of OS2bos is not to cut back on the social field, however, it is to get a tool and a data foundation for better economy management, and better insight into what measures are the most effective.

OS2bos works with a system in which the vulnerable child is placed on a scaling and ‘effort-ladder’ that triggers a range of possible measures in the Service Act. By documenting the child’s promotion or relegation of the effort-ladder, one can over time gather a database that shows which efforts have been used and which have had a positive effect. Thus, social workers can improve the efforts of vulnerable children.

“We went for a data-driven approach, where the individual case worker could choose a paragraph in the jurisdiction, which then opened up for a range of associated measures. Immediately after, the economic consequences of the decision appear, meaning that the budgets can be calculated. All data is automatically stored in the system. Furthermore, the management gets access to the system’s data, and are ongoingly able to follow the effects of the municipality’s efforts with the citizens”
Jens Kjellerup, digitalization chief in Ballerup Kommune

OS2bos as a product, is a part of the OS2 community and can be implemented in other areas of business that operates with grants. OS2bos can be configured to many different areas of business. It is obvious to look at areas such as pension, psychiatry, and assistive devices.


  • Reduces mistakes in the case processing
  • Makes use of the case workers knowledge
  • Improves budget security
  • Provides insight for the management and the organization

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