New high-quality website for the Parliamentary Ombudsman

Old knowledge on new bottles – the choice for a new website was OBVIUS ™, a high quality CMS. When the Parliamentary Ombudsman was to receive a new website, one of the tasks was to migrate the information and content to the OBVIUS ™ CMS.

At the same time, a better solution for retrieving information for the knowledge base was created, and a large number of documents in Word format – Ombudsman cases and statements – were automatically transferred to the new website.

Advanced functions facilitate the search for information

The new website supports the information needs of four different target groups:

  • Professionals, primarily lawyers and other administrators
  • Journalists
  • citizens wishing to lodge a complaint
  • Students

With OBVIUS, information can be collected and systematized in a workflow. With better editing conditions and the classification and metadata system in OBVIUS ™, webmasters and editors have a powerful tool for linking information and the knowledge collected. It facilitates information search for users, who get an advanced and clear tool to browse the knowledge base of the website.

New filter cleans for code errors in Word documents – 4,000 errors fixed

One challenge was the many Word documents that needed to be transferred to the new website. Simply copying the files to the website using our standard tool resulted in more than 4,000 code errors. Code errors cause problems for blind people, for example, who can read the text aloud with compensation software.

After an intensive development project – in the middle of the planned production and implementation phase – we succeeded in developing a filter that cleans up errors in codes while preserving structure and text formatting. After a trip through the filter, the documents, which had 4,000 errors, ran flawlessly into the website.

Online complaint form

The website Parliamentary Ombudsman has an online complaint form. Complaints always contain sensitive information and therefore the data is encrypted all the way from the citizen to the Ombudsman via a secure page and digital signature. The complaint form ensures that the Ombudsman receives all the information from the outset, which helps both the Ombudsman’s office and the more than 4,000 Danes who complain to the Ombudsman every year.


  • OBVIUS ™ collects and systematizes information in one workflow.
  • The classification and metadata system in OBVIUS ™ is a powerful tool for cross-referencing and provides an advanced and clear tool for searching the website knowledge base.
  • Advanced filter for cleaning up code errors in Word documents. Ensures, among other things, that compensating software can be used to read text aloud for the blind and simplifies the work of posting documents to the site.
  • GPDR securus online form solutions
  • Magenta’s Cookie Compliance Component (CCC) is integrated into the solution
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Ny hjemmeside af høj kvalitet til Folketingets Ombudsmand
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